Involvement Project

Helping out in the Heartland of Cambodia

Khmer Village Homestay is situated in Baray District, Kampong Thom Province, about 120km from Phnom Penh. Baray is a pristine area with miles of captivating scenery of green landscapes and village homes, stretching as far as the eyes can see.

Khmer Village Homestay was set up to promote and local industry as a means of alleviating rural poverty. We believe that we can do more together and would like to invite you to join us in our Community Involvement Projects with the local authorities, on your next holiday.

The Perfect Place For The Volunteer

Spanning a land size of 1/4 hectares square, Khmer Village Homestay is the perfect place for the hardworking volunteer. We offer a wide variety of accommodations ranging from bamboo huts to palm leaf houses. The choice is yours.

A deluxe chalet is available for rent if you have a family on the team. It is biggest house within the Homestay and includes two master bedrooms, a living room, a dining hall and kitchen. It also has a wide patio with wooden reclining chairs for resting after a hard day ™s work.

Medical and Dental Teams

Are you a doctor or a dentist? Your help is most welcome in the outlying village where medical facilities are hard to come by.
Hygiene Awareness / Learning Activities

Join us at the village primary school and local high school to facilitate learning activities with the students. Help them to discover their greatest potential. Teaching materials are also in great demand.

Repairing of Home and Public Facilities

Do join us and help to repair poorer homes and local facilities such as schools, repair road, make-well pavement.

Home / School Visits

Bring cheer to the aged and children

Support for Local Industries

Join us in linking local craftsmen to International suppliers and help to provide sustainable and variable cottage industries in the village.