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Lease Terms
The lease agreement is written in Khmer and English if necessary. In case of dispute, the document written in Khmer will be considered as a reference. The signature(s) on the document in Khmer language must be the right thumbprint of the signatories.

To be valid, the lease agreement must:

specify the address of the property.

specify the name of the landlord and tenant.

specify the duration of the lease.

specify the dates for all payments (listed one by one).

specify the amount of the deposit.

include an inventory when renting a furnished property.

have at least a copy in Khmer language.

show the fingerprints (right thumb) of the landlord, the tenant, and also the fingerprints of a witness of the landlord and a witness of the tenant. Fingerprints here serve as signature.

In the event of an early departure of the tenant without prior specific clause in the lease agreement, the landlord has the right not to return the deposit to the tenant.

The owner has the obligation to return the deposit to the tenant the day of the termination of the lease agreement.

The tenant who is obliged to terminate his contract before the due date loses his deposit.

The owner cannot sell his house or rent it to a third party before the day of the termination of the lease agreement.

Payment delays or defaults can be valid reasons for terminating the contract.

It is simple to rent an apartment or a villa in Cambodia. Concerning the administration, contracts are simple and clear. You will not be asked for other financial guarantees than the security deposit.

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