If you are looking for a comfortable yet authentic place to stay, Khmer Homestay is just for you.
Spanning a land size of ½ hectare, Khmer Homestay provides an enticing glimpse of Cambodian culture, offering its guests natural bamboo huts, palm leaf & wooden houses, wooden bridges.

Choose from our range of natural accommodation, including the following:
Bamboo Chalets – crafted in the style of traditional Cambodian huts, our 4 bamboo huts each provide a comfortable yet natural home away from home, with a double or single thin mattress, mosquito net and battery operated fan.

Palm Leaf & Wooden Chalets – almost identical to the houses you will see in the surrounding , each of our 3 palm leaf & wooden houses provide you with a comfortable place to stay and include a single or double thin mattress, mosquito net and battery operated fan.

Deluxe Wooden house – the largest home within the Khmer Homestay, our deluxe wooden house is perfect for families, consisting of one master bedroom with en-suite bathroom as well as a living room/extra bedroom, dining room and kitchen.
In case you thought we had forgotten something, Khmer Homestay also provides clean toilet and shower facilities for all our guests on-site.
During your time at Khmer Homestay, you will never go hungry as all of your meals will be provided on-site by our fantastic team. While we promise not to feed you fried spiders or other insects, you will get a chance to sample some of the local cuisine and eat the dishes that sustain the local villagers.